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  1. I have found a new emulator: This version supports joysticks, covers and has better performance!
  2. Does anyone know how to set up the joysticks in the Play station 1 emulator in the Xbox 360? It seems that each game uses the direction pad instead of the left joystick so is really difficult. I have been checking each file from the emulator and there is no something to set up the controller. I thought the pcsx.ini could have something, but no. I hope someone can help me with this issue. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, i got these ones: - Gamepad application - mame -
  4. I have changed the Title ID in the content.db file from my Aurora from 0 to a new one, so I could add a cover manually with AuroraAssetEditor. In case this application is appended to xboxunity, this could be a cover for the app.
  5. Hi there, Could please an aurora developer add this cover for the gamepad application? I have tried manually, but there is no information about the TitleID and at the moment, Aurora┬┤s Nova app does not allow to update the cover through the browser.
  6. @StelioKontos I have tried the latest version of your Patch in Colombia and is working now. Thanks for your effort, now my Aurora is no crashing anymore.
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