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  1. Hi Community! I decided to un-dust my Xbox 360, hoping my daughter will have some fun... Upon turning it up, I remembered that some artworks got mixed up last time y did a "content management"... like 7 years ago!... i know I can manage 1 by 1 on FSD web GUI... but was hoping for a more automated solution... a) Is there any software still available for download? GaDaBaMa and others have proven difficult to find on web b) Does FSD encapsulate images? I try to find them both on internal as external HDD hoping to fix them pseudo manually (VBA or Delphi7) but didn't find them Hope I can see some answers! thanks a lot!
  2. any working download link as for 2021?
  3. any working download link as for 2021... i have so many artworks swaped...
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