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  1. Well, thanks for the update, that's what I was looking for. I had some trouble running the last version, until I figured out that the problem was that I didn't update automatically. Now I installed it and looks fine, because sometimes I like to play Minecraft from the console, laying in my bed. I am playing on universemc, one of my friends invited me to play there, and now we have a whole squad. Gaming unites people, especially in the last year when because of pandemic, this was the most popular way to have some fun, without leaving the home.
  2. You can use usb as well, there are special softwares for that.
  3. Hey, maybe I can help you out. I don’t really know a lot about places you can get toy soldiers, however I did recently get something similar. I’m actually collecting small figurines, pretty close to toy soldiers. Throughout the years, I have acquired some nice pieces, so my collection is quite big. Recently, I bought some new bobble head cake toppers, they are small custom bobbleheads, very similar to the toys you’re looking for. The company makes them individually from high quality materials, so the price you’re paying is definitely worth it. Plus, they are customed to every individual, according to what photo to send them.
  4. On the one hand, playing video games probably doesn't harm school performance not as long as kids don't play so much that they neglect school-related activities, like reading, or skimp on sleep. And not as long as the games they play are age-appropriate, and don't cause emotional troubles. On the other hand, video games aren't a magical pill for boosting IQ, or transforming poor students into excellent ones. But it appears that kids who play games with moderate frequency a few hours a week tend to have better academic skills than kids who don't play video games at all. And it's scientifically demonstrated that kids that are searching and using for example Fall Guys Hack Features, are more logically grown.
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