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  1. I found this: Code: Emulator Emu Hex xefu 8200067C xefu1.1 8200062C xefu2 82000640 xefu3 82000668 xefu5 82000688 xefu6 82000654 xefu7 820006B0 xefu7b 8200069C This means we should be able to edit the default.exe file in each game folder and force the game to launch to one of these newer eight different emulators from the 2018 HDDX fix. changing the title ID alone is insufficient to get past black screen for POPWW game. I’m trying to get past the black screen after the Xbox/Ubisoft logo launches for Prince of Persia Warrior Within. i read in another forum someone edited the Xbox.exe file in their HDDX /Compatability folder and said the location bytes for the emulator appear directly after the 4 bytes from Title ID this does NOT seem correct. I checked both title I’d and Xbox.exe (compatibility folder) with a hex editor and I do not see any of the 4 bytes shown above for any of emulation values: 82000688 for example. 1) can we edit emulation 4 byte default.exe values to force original Xbox game to launch with one of the other newer 8 emulator files in Compatibility folder and simultaneously change to another title ID from Halo 2 (0045E654–54E64500) that supports wide screen? 2) also ripped original POPWW game using FSD’s v2.2 DVD game extractor and stored it into contents folder HDD1. is that ok or should I have extracted the game into a singular .iso and converted it into a GOD folder using iso2GOD utility? what’s the best .iso extractor these days for original Xbox games? and yes POPWW is listed as playable with no issues: https://www.reddit.com/r/360hacks/wiki/original_xbox/list
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