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  1. If I update it, I don't lose my games or saved games? In case it is corrupt, is it necessary to reinstall from 0? Thanks for your help 😁
  2. I recently bought an XBOX 360 with more than 50 games installed However, when I try to load a game myself via USB I cannot On the main screen of Aurora the option "System" does not appear, an option called "Information" appears and when I press "back" in the command it generates 3 tabs (Reset-Restart-Shut down) but the file manager does not appear to copy and paste the game I have tried to update Aurora in the option "About ..." but I can't I don't know if it's an error from who installed Aurora or if it's a console error It would be very helpful if you help me Thank you https://ibb.co/4PvLFm6
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