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  1. Just set threshold temps to 65-70 ºC on DashLaunch .. you don't need to be so much worried about this fan speed thing.
  2. I have a problem: when i press Y in Title Update Manager and select a device or press B the console hangs and i need to restart it.
  3. I also have this problem.. even if i don't select nothing and press B it freezes and i need to restart my console.
  4. i have the same problem.. ( i dont have a internal HDD). Edit: appearently even if you don't choose any of the devices and press B it freezes too. Edit2: i fixed it excluding my launch.ini in the root of my external hdd and creating another one.. wtf?? Edit3: and now its freezing again god damn.. ok .. i will give up and stick with FSD for some time until the next update.
  5. I was thinking here.. it would be cool if Aurora have some data exporter scene to get your TU's, Covers and settings from FSD... that way you don't need to download and configure all things again..
  6. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3950220924 I pay $40 for this sh*t
  7. thats hot as hell, you should change the temperature threshoulders in DashLaunch
  8. Well, try deleting all game files from Alien Isolation and reinstall it.. maybe it will solve your problem.
  9. It's alright.. mine goes to 53C while charging.. And 71C under load.
  10. You can try this homebrew multitrainer called XYZProject: http://www.xyzmods.com/index.php/topic/1434-xyzproject-v0190-beta/ You need a register at that website.
  11. EnT3R

    LiNK Error

    check if pingpatch is enabled in DashLaunch
  12. Ok appearently the game have System Link: http://www.co-optimus.com/game/2999/xbox-360/diablo-3.html and Unity admin just told to wait a few days to add it.
  13. I have a strange Problem with Title Updates, even if they are marked as active in TU Manager the game simply start without them. I will make a video when i can. edit: looks like more people have the same problem i don't know if this happens because of alpha version but i have the same problem in FSD, but if i download 2 of the same TU and mark the 2 TU's as active it works fine(in FSD).
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