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  1. Hola kira125, gracias por el tutorial sobre modificar y crear los cover de xbox 360. Quería preguntarle algo, ¿por casualidad sabría cómo cambiar el color de la caja de los juegos de verde a blanco? 


  2. Hi Damn8tive Nz, great work with all the layouts that you made. I have a question. Did you know how I can change the green color of the game boxes to white?


    1. KiwiMeoWii


      Game boxs? Are you meaning the actual game covers? 

    2. Waltinio


      Hi Damn8tive Nz, the covers are ok, but I would like to chage the color of the game boxes, they are green on almost all xbox 360 games, orange on arcade games, blue on independant games. I want to change to white on all the games.Look the picture tha I attach.

      Thanks for your answer.1056670681_boxescolor.thumb.jpg.0fb9474775f1401bbf52bc5999d0e892.jpg

    3. KiwiMeoWii


      That would be the devs to unity. As they are the ones that upload the cover art for us to grab for our games. So you may need to talk to them

  3. Hola adriancaz, le pregunto, ¿por casualidad sabes cómo cambiar el color de las cajas? Quiero cambiar el color verde por blanco.


    1. adriancaz


      Te lo ando investigando, pero mientras puedes agregar a favoritos los juegos en aurora, eso cambia las cajas a blanco pero con una animación entre blanco y gris.




  4. Hi, there's a way that I can change all DVD cases color from green to white? Thanks
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