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  1. Hello, After the first Fatal Crash on Beyond Good and Evil HD, the console returned me to the Dashboard (as usual), but after I had the second Fatal Crash the console shut down on its own! I have never had this problem before! I haven't activated any plugin or modded any game and the console does not overheat!
  2. Hello, I'm looking for the lastest TU of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Media ID : 3AEC954D Thank you.
  3. Hello;

    It is said on this website that it is possible to change the language of Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition by modding the ISO file:

    Games Xbox 360 Info
    SS VERSION: Version 2
    WAVE VERSION: 13th Wave (XGD2)
    RELEASE NAME: Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition XBOX360-SPARE
    LANGUAGES: English . You can enable other languages but you'll have to change a couple of files in the ISO to do so.


    I got the same release and it is not in english but spanish despite it labelled [MULTI]!
    My Xbox 360 dashboard settings and locale are already set to English and USA.

    I would like to know how to enable other languages either by modifying the ISO or the extracted files for RGH format (.default.exe).

    Thank you.

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