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  1. No i only have one xbox
  2. power supply works as it should, orange when off green when on no red light and doesnt get hot. could be a bad solder job like u said. the pattern is as follows i turn on the xbox first time in the day, it fails 50% of the times second attempt it boots successfully but beeps around 1 to three minutes later then turns off (politely, no crashing) a minute after that then i turn it on and it works fine without beeping for the rest of the session, but if i try to turn in again later in the day; nothing. 0% success rate until the next day.
  3. no error, no red light so no error code, and no one on youtube has the same prob
  4. @apadoctor @Dr.Gonzo @Neocazen Any ideas?
  5. I have this problem as of yesterday where turning on the console just lightd th green led and i can see rgh led turning on a couple of times meaning its glitching the cpu, then nothing, no picture, turning off the console again stops the fan and the brick turns orange but the green led stays on, removing the power plug over night and turning on the console today made it work again but five minutes later the console beeped and turned off again, turning on the console immediately after made it work for hours then when i turned it off i couldnt turn it back on, same issue i had this issue a couple of times before but now its constant. changing HDMI cable didn't help. UPDATE:turns out it was a Badly installed RGH post-fix
  6. i cant get Brutal Legend TU to work i download and enable it but it still shows TU:0 midgame, i even tried to manually put the update file in Cache folder but it still isnt detected and gets deleted after exiting the game, like it detects it and deletes it instead of loading it, plus there is an SP_ file with the same cache id.
  7. Title updates dont work for Brutal legends, tried two mediaIDs
  8. where an i find these default.xex collections? i need one badly
  9. Bully Scholarship Ed. the TU file for MediaID : 0867AD86 is actually for MediaID : 358F8F3C while the actual 0867AD86 file is nowhere to be found. i would like to request the 0867AD86 TU (its named TU_1A5820Q_0000004000000.0000000000081) while correcting the wrong id.
  10. i sent my corona4g to get rgh and now its shown as unformatted, i m about t update dashboard to 17559 with xebuild, would it be possible to fix the 4g in the process?
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