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  1. Make sure your 360 can actually connect to the internet, you may have a firewall blocking it. I'm a bit confused by the screenshots you posted. Some show internet and even Xbox Live, while others show no internet...
  2. I had the same issue when I did that on my 360 a few weeks ago. Just enter the API key by hand (you can see it when you log into the website) and wait some hours. It will work then eventually. At least it did for me.
  3. Probably fits here better than in the missing-cover thread: Saints Row the Third - German release (cut) Title ID: 545108A5 Media ID: 5ED34915
  4. The Title ID is not listed on Unity at all, as the German cut release apparently has its own, so you can't even upload a cover (and the function to add a new game seems to be broken). I wouldn't care about the region of the cover, but at least someone needs to add the Title ID to the Unity database. //edit: Posted in the missing-titles thread.
  5. It's using the same game engine, but it's not the same game. I'm talking about the stand-alone release. Probably uses the same Title ID, though. But anyway, it can't be that, because the number of Title Updates shown in the two games are NOT the same, nor is the file size of the Version 8 update - so they are distinguished and certainly using different updates. The problem is that you can not have a Title Update activated in both games. Whenever you activate one, the other gets deactivated and that's a bug.
  6. When having both "Grand Theft Auto IV" and "GTA: Episodes from Liberty City" installed, the Title Updates are conflicting. Both have a "Version 8" update listed, which is displayed twice in "Grand Theft Auto IV" when both games are installed. But whatever Title Update you install and activate, it will deactivate any Title Update from the other game.
  7. Saints Row the Third - German release (cut) Not listed on Unity at all, so no cover, no Title Updates, etc.
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