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  1. Well I fixed it, but in a slightly different way you described me. I didn't know exactly where to put the smc file you linked me. So what I did, I used my 17349 glitch image of which I knew was working, so I thought that specific smc file would be correct also. Used the nand image from my DemoN in xebuild gui 2.097 to create the dash 17489 image and it's working, also after unplugging power. Thanks for your help swizzy, appreciate it.
  2. Great man, I'll get back to you when I have the time to test it. Thanks for your effort! Top
  3. Thanks for responding so quickly swizzy. The part of smc resetting I was aware of, but didn't know xebuild gui didn't have the cr4 smc. So basically best to do is wait for jrunner. Could you tell me maybe, how to add the specific smc and where to get it? Thanks again for taking the time to read my longggg story.
  4. Hi, I have a question regarding updating to the newest dash 17489. Console: trinity motherboard Chips: cr4 Xl and DemoN Original dash 17489 Rgh dash 17349 Xbox been working fine since ages, there is nothing wrong with that to start with, but I'm having a weird issue updating the rgh to 17489. normally I update a rgh console with jrunner (updserv) update function which I find very noob friendly. In the past, I've used also the xebuild update function (command prompt xebuild update-f *****) which also always worked out fine. Now I'm facing this: -I've dumped the original nand twice using the DemoN and jrunner. (To have a fresh nand) -used xebuild gui 2.097 to create a hacked 17489 image to flash to my DemoN nand. -all checked out in xebuild gui, have to correct key, image created successfully. -I've put the new 17489 updflash.bin on a formatted usb -I've inserted the usb in the Xbox and started xell with eject. -starts flashing the updflash.bin to the DemoN nand but giving me a invalid block 0x2b2 error (a.k.a. Really bad) -when flashing is done, I turn off the Xbox by the power button. -turning it on again with power button, boots into dash within 1,2 or 3 glitches every time. I booted the Xbox like 5 or 6 times -the moment I take out the power cable (unplug) and plug it back, it won't boot anymore. Never... Doesn't boot into xell neither. I then re flash a fresh 17349 dash to the rgh side (DemoN) and it boots fine again, also after unplugging and plugging back the power cable. I also tried to flash the (by xebuild gui 2.097 created) updflash.bin by loading it into source of jrunner and writing it with the advanced writing DemoN/fusion write (remaps bad blocks) option. The invalid block 0x2b2 gets remapped to 0x3ff after finishing the nand write. After this, the Xbox doesn't boot at all... By the way, I have the same invalid block when I'm writing the 17349 image, but that one doesn't give me any problems (or haven't given me any problems until now). With the 17349 or lower dashes I create through jrunner, even with the invalid block, the Xbox works fine. P.s. I've installed dashlaunch 3.16 when I can boot into the Xbox using the 17349 image. So basically, it will boot into the newest dash 17489 as long as I don't unplug the power cable after flashing the nand with a usb stick in xell. All other ways to flash the hacked image, doesn't work. How to fix this? Just wait till jrunner gets updated? Or you guys know something I'm doing wrong? I can post pictures of jrunner or whatever if needed, I'm typing at my iPad at this moment, so I could go to my pc if anyone needs any more info. Thanks in advance. Xzanox
  5. Must be google translate he used. He sounds a bit like jack sparrow this way...
  6. I was just about to say, it works amazing all...Haven't noticed the bug in path config though...well i'll keep my eye on this thread, I'm happy with this skin, looks really great, good job!
  7. Yeah I must to admit, I was sticking to fsd, but with all this development, I am turning to aurora. Props to the brains who help this become reality.
  8. Haven't tried dlc yet....
  9. That for i said " remove, REPLACE, delete" the original default.xex You see the options difference? Renaming it is not at all a bad idea, as long as you keep the original for the TU... And yeah I didn't mention it to the OP that this is for title updates, I should have, to be more specific and prevent confusion...
  10. Did you copy the content of the installation1 folder to your main root folder? Renamed the game.xex into default.xex and removed/replaced/deleted the original default.xex? After this, delete or replace the installation1 folder. Start the game as normal using fsd. It should work.
  11. Still should be under system settings-->fan settings! at least it hasn't changed in mine. Why don't you adjust the temps in dash launch and set the temps a little lower already?
  12. I was already in love with version 2.3 This is even better (of course) great job done!
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