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  1. Hi, thank you very much for the great work, i have worked a lot with Unleash x on the classic xbox and i have made so many personal skins/Themes. the power of Unleash x was that i could make any video i want as a background playing all the time, the old xbox was very weak compared to xbox360, and still i had no problems what so ever keeping the hard disk loading the video file and playing it over and over again as a background, the CPU was 733Mhz and the CPU utilization never went up. why not bringing this option to Aurora to make it really stand out from Freestyle dash? i mean if you make this possible? then the skin community will explode like crazy and i will rework all my xbox unleash x video dashboards and put them online for the community (Total of 11 amazing Unleash x skins), i think its not that hard to code that option, yes the architecture of the xbox360 CPU is different than the xbox original CPU , but its possible. please make it possible. Thanks
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