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  1. SOLVED!!! The DLCs was for NTSC zone and my game was PAL. I replaced my PAL game by a NTSC version and all 4 DLCs is working now. Very happy because I started to become nuts Thanks for your help Swizzy.
  2. OK thanks for the reply. I'm level 23, maybe it's because of that. EDIT : I just tried with a level 51 gamesave and still the same problem. FYI, I have TU#5 and my mediaID is 4F3A0401. I think that if I didn't have the correct TU, J'akobs Cove would not appear in the teleport system. Maybe the DLCs I have are working only on the NTSC version of the game. I'll manage to find the NTSC version of the game and give it a try... BTW, is it possible to check the DLC region with some software?
  3. Hi guys! I always succeeded installing DLC/TU on my console (RE5, RE6, Sleeping Dogs, ...) but it's been a week that I'm trying on borderlands (1,2 & pre-sequel) and it's not working. My media ID matches the TU, FSD, XM360 and NXE can see TU and DLC and the game too but when I try to teleport to the DLC zone in the game, it comes back to the main menu saying "'unable to join' you couldn't join the host because your game version is not compatible or you don't earn the downloadable content". I did try a couple of things, including trying on my xbox live console (with a stealth version of Borderlands and installing the DLC from the 'Double add-on pack' stealth ISO) and I get the same message. I figured out that the DLC must be linked to the profile in order to work, do you think that linking my DLCs to my JTAG profile with Modio will work? If anyone managed to get the DLCs work on one of this game, please explain how cause I'm going nuts Thanking you in advance
  4. FYI, I just uploaded Borderlands TU#5 and it worked fine.
  5. The GOD method doesn't work as the installation of DVD 1 can't go till the end. Btw, I tried to patch the default.xex with TU4 but I get 'unreadable disc' error. Do I have to use DVD 1 default.xex or the DVD 2 one? I'm also confuse with the game.xex, if I use it instead of default.xex the game starts but it's stuck on a <prompt> message and can't do anything.
  6. Thank you for your game.xex Not renamed = unreadable disc error Renamed default.xex = the game does run and the MediaID is 173F8504 Added the corresponding MefiaID TU downloaded from XBUC and added the DLC (both in the Content directory with the corresponding TitleID) Launch the game results to the following error : "Conflict error : This game has been updated to an incompatible version" I'll give the GOD method a try and revert here. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I tried yesterday your solution ESTE but it didn't work at home. I have the same structure as your screenshot but my game.xex is renamed default.xex. If I change back to game.xex, the game doesn't work anymore (unreadable disc error). Do you have a solution please ? Thanking you in advance.
  8. I don't know, it shouldn't be happening. You have to move the text at the right position by editing splashscreen.xur with Xbox UI Authoring tool.
  9. Hi, "Finalizing skin environment" and "Welcome to F3" can be changed using XUITT 2.1.6 (you have to hack the default.xex). You can also edit the default.xex with an Hex editor but you have to decrypt it with xextool first. Regards,
  10. Hi everyone, I already asked Keyser and robins about this issue but still got no answer. The issue is simple to understand: after hacking default.xex with XUITT 2.1.6 (Access 2013), I can't delete or save a game path anymore. The buttons are here but they are no longer working. When I revert back to the original default.xex, all is working so this has nothing to do with my modded XUR files (skin translated to French). I could hack the default.xex without using XUITT but I don't know how to convert it to unicode and I need to use special French characters (like é, è, à , ô, etc...). If anyone has already encountered this issue and know how to solve it, will you be kind please to tell me how you did? P.S.: The WebUI "manage game paths" section is still working with the hacked default.xex... Thanking you in advance, Dnijbox974
  11. Thank you datastream but this is not helping me. I have a true issue here, I know how to save a path as it is working with the original xex. When trying with hacked xex, this is just impossible to delete and add a scan path. Thank you.
  12. Hi robins, I am currently translating to French and I encounter the same issue with "save" and "delete" buttons in manage game paths. Will you be kind please to tell me how you solved this issue ? Thanking you in advance, Dinjbox974
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