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  1. I'm a year late on this, but thanks for this , @felida!!! I just got Minecraft for 360. Now to figure out how to unlock the full version since mx360 ain't doing the trick!
  2. Well, i realize that now. The whole reason i moved over is cause i couldn't get artwork anymore. But it seems any TUs that I had previously downloaded through FSD (albeit years ago), just wouldn't work anymore. Problem solved by re-downloading TU's in Aurora.
  3. Keeping this thread alive in 2020! Just switched to Aurora from FSD. So far, it's beautiful!
  4. This is YEARS later, I know. But i just wanted to thank you for this post. I've been gaming on my RGH for years and this JUST happened to me after switching over to Aurora Dash, but you helped me narrow down my issue and get things working again. Thank you.
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