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  1. Yes i know but i dont like Aurora and FSD, i prefer Dash. Yes i know but i pref xex format. No problem i will do this with my other computer
  2. This software working nice with my first computer, but on my second is not .. I use it because my girlfriend doesn't know how to use a RGH.
  3. Hello, I use Shortcut360 1.1.7 but it works for some games and doesn't work for others. I get this error message : "There was an error reading the extracted XDBF!" If someone could help me, thanks.
  4. So i can use it safely ? Sorry i want to be sure x) I wont flash my nand by solvering
  5. Hello, I have one RGH Trinity with last dashboard (17559). And i want to use my nand (RGLoader). To create this Nand (17150), i use 17544 Dump. It worked perfectly when I switched from a Dashboard 17544 RGH to a Dashboard 17150 RGLoader. So my question is will it work from a 17559 Dashboard to the same 17150 RGLoader Dashboard ? Thanks for help.
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