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  1. Hello im still intrested in - Ririe's Edition modded files i would really appreciate it if anyone could reupload em,or if they have their own big modded files that would be lovely too. thanks in advance.
  2. Yeah if that doesnt work i will give you my ini if that doesnt work too then you gonna need the english .bsa files Edit:i atached my .ini file maybe try that Skyrim.ini
  3. You're welcome im glad it worked and i just used the mod that was linked on this thread. about th npcs speaking spanish look in your Skyrim.ini and change all the Spanish into English,if that doesnt work you might need english versions of voices 1,2 in your data folder.i think
  4. Delete what you have already installed for ShowRaceMenu and add these two files to your dlc folder,what i know about moddin is from watching videos so if these dont work idk what will 425307E601234567 ShowRaceMenuAlternative
  5. for me to get ShowRaceMenu i had to start a new game for the spell to showup in my spells menu ,im not sure about the rings mod tho oh and i used TESArchive to turn all the scripts folders from the mods into .bsa and .bsl files and i used xlast to turn em into a dlc package,which made the job easier i feel like.
  6. well i sold my ps4 because i needed some cash and skyrim was my main game,and i remembered i still have my jtag so i started looking around and i found this thread. i would really appreciate it if you could do one final update if not i completely understand mate. Thanks in advance.💓
  7. Hello i was wondering if anyone has working links for Ririe's Edition v0.5 or the bsa 3, all the download links except MF have their files deleted or expired, thanks in advance.
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