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  1. i may have this wrong but.. it looks to me like your router found the ports via upnp, and upnp is enabled (2nd image) then youve set a static ip (4th image)and forwarded ports manually 3071 3072(6th, 7th image), and then done something in port triggering(5th image)..... no1: have you made sure on the 360 in network settings its set to manual and youve added the static ip you set, default gateway etc manually? if not try that first...then boot back to aurora and test/verify if that dont work then i reckon if you go back to router settings, undo what you done with the static ip, port triggering, and manual ports youve added,, so youve just got the ports found by upnp like in 2nd image... on 360 put it back to auto in your network settings restart everyting and see if it passes everything in aurora..... if not i suggest doing the static ip again (making sure you add it in manually in 360 network settings) and port forwarding 3071, 3072 as you did but leave out the port triggering i havnt seen anything that required that doing, again i may be wrong, just tryin to help. ive had similair issues recently but everything passes now..
  2. hello RMS..... ill try be as brief as poss but in a nut shell, the main issue im having is my xbox not showing up when i try to cast to it. i ve been streaming video files from my samsung tablet to the 360, using the in built video player on the tablet for few years now its been great. however recently i got my router upgraded to a hub 3 (virgin media) and had to reconnect all devies in the house (like ya do) as the network name had changed. FIRSTLY, the 360 had an "multiple networks with same name found" issue, which i solved changing the SSIDs for 2.4 and 5ghz, as the 360 couldnt seem to figure out how to connect to either when they had the same name. puzzled me coz i didnt have this issue with my last router and that had 2g 5g belting out on same network name, but anyway, i think i solved it. made sure aurora is latest version and when i verify everything in the nova module screen EVERYTHING passes, unity, upnp, ports etc 🙂 link works great too...no crashes or anything. thought it was all good no probs..however, fast forward a few days and im sat ready to catch up on a few shows and .... When i try to cast like i normally do from my tablet, the xbox360 IS NOT showing up when im given option screen to select device 😞 ive tried everything ive googled it in as many ways poss to try find an answer and nothing. the 360 is online as it was before, everything passes in nova module, tablet and 360 are on the same network, playto and smartglass thing are set to ON in console settings, upnp is enabled in router settings....i just dont get whats going on!!! any help would be much appreciated thankyou x
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