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  1. nope I don't use Discord. I tried changing the ports from 3071-72 to 2071-72, but it fails
  2. Ah I never tried using different ports. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Okay fine. However if I want to host, how do I tackle this problem? Sorry for annoying you
  4. Hey! I read that somewhere else and tried that, but it doesn't work. I joined a packed room, but still no games show up. I was able to get a game every time before my ports failed, now I don't get anything
  5. Hey! I want to play Black Ops 2 with LiNK, but I fail to pass the port verification, few months ago I was able to play without any issue, but now I am having this issue for some , reason. My Xbox is connected to the router via WiFi, and I am using fiber connection, so speed isn't an issue. I can see/join system link rooms, but the servers don't show up in-game. Please check my settings down below. Thanks
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