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  1. Waste of time, if there's a way to close this topic go ahead.
  2. Idk, but the mdoerator helped me it was something else, ill check and tell u. But no need cause the moderator already did it for me.
  3. What image? And why would i pm you my cpu key?
  4. okey, i did it and it didnt say error or anything, the first page is all like the circles aren't marked, should i do something else before like continuing?
  5. look dude, i dont understand these stuff lol, i just want this update to work and like finish it, i dont even care about my xbox being broken cause i hate jtagged consoles. Just tell me if this update will make the app recognize the flashdmp file and not say 'cant determine if its big or small block nand, do you want to continue anyways?'
  6. So its from the version? Cause in the video its 2.098
  7. Idk it was a gift, its xbox 360 tho.
  8. Can you please help me, in the xebuild gui when i put the flashdmp its saying 'cant determine if its big or small block nand, do you want to continue anyways?' what should i do? Please answer.
  9. Okey, once again can you please tell me which one was the risky one? Was it the nand thing or the oftware update?
  10. Whats the rate of getting like your xbox breaked from this update?
  11. The thing that happens which is risky, is it like the update fails but doesnt break my xbox?
  12. in the video, the person said that there is a risk included while doing the nand thing, should i worry about it?
  13. Is this game multiplayer? I'm playing it on my xbox 360 jtagged while connected to wifi but not xbox live, there are some people talking in the chat and they seem pretty real, rooms guilds, guid advertising and etc. I was just wondering if its an online game.
  14. Do you have an app for this website? It would be much faster
  15. Okey, thanks. Hope nothing happens to it, and hope Terraria works.
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