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  1. Solution: Define a default profil in order to be connected at the start of the xbox, it solves the problem, i don't know why i have to do this for this game but it's no big deal for me Hello, First of all, i use F3 and Dashlaunch 3 on a JTAG xbox360 I start to play LA noire and after a couple of hours, i realized that i haven't got at least one achievement So get back in F3, go to the game list, select LA noire first disc, Y for option, select achievements, and in place of all possible achievements i have a message "Game Not Played" (in the popup of achievements, it is not a message like Fatal Crash Intercepted)! It is the first game with the problem, no issue with alice or assassin's creed for example Anyone can help me? Thanks you PS: Many thanks for F3, very good Homebrew guys, keep going
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