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  1. If you want to manually add the cover use Aurora asset editor v1.3
  2. Quick question, how do I add my IP address or pair to my console AxR_360.exe as I'm not seeing it and it looks more capable than XCE2. Thanks in advance.
  3. My apologies, I tried it just now and it worked. When I posted that I kept being redirected to pop-up downloads for links and unsafe sites.
  4. This old but I've gotta ask, does it mean that if you did have a RGH you still be willing to participate in making new trainers and/or updating old ones with new TU? If so let me know I have a proposal for you.
  5. Thanks for still making trainers I hope you keep making more any chance you made one big download of all trainers you have made and others? I hope we can make a repository of trainers as many have been lost to time.
  6. Please repost the working trainer thank you
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