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  1. Ok, yea you did it the same way I am... on ‘focus’ play cursor sound. Doing it this way there are 2 occurrences where the sound is then played when it shouldn’t be. Default Focus - Upon entering a menu an item is used as default focus which causes the sound to be played. *I’m using a work around for this* Copy whatever button you’re using for default focus and rename it to something else...eg DefaultFocusButton. Make it only visible upon focus, remove the cursor sound and make this new button your default focus. Now it will use this button without the sfx upon first entering the menu but when you move off it and try to return to it you will navigate to the button that has the sound. Refocus - When using a button to enter a submenu and then exiting that submenu, it refocus’ the button that was previously selected causing the sound to play. *I have no idea how to get around this* Not ideal But I guess there’s no other way without hard coding... Hopefully that helps anyone with this same question in the future if all they want to do is read an answer rather than search a skin. Lol
  2. I couldn't find a whole lot of info related to SFX mostly music which is not a problem as I already have it setup, I've noticed a couple times you've said about how you mapped SFX but I can't find the skin related to that. Anyway I don't need the whole skin just wondering how you did it.. ie I'm playing around with it at the moment and the only way I can think of to make a cursor sound, is to play an XMA 'on focus' of a button in a menu... it works but you have the drawback of the sound playing upon first entering the menu due to an item needing to be default focus. Is that the way you mapped them (on focus) or am I missing an option/setting/something obvious?
  3. Hey, Just wondering about SFX in skins, obviously for button presses e.g ‘A’ or ‘B’ on the main page are pretty straight forward using xuitools. What I’m not sure about are things like cursor movements e.g Left and Right scrolling though the Coverflow and similar things (menus etc). I’m guessing these things would need to be hardcoded in the source but just want to confirm if this is the case? Best regards, Krah.Johlito
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