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  1. I realised how to get the synopsis' added which were missing... Most of the games in my library atm are Japanese, so I had to make Aurora download game info from the Japanese marketplace instead of UK. This also made Aurora change the game names to the original JP names from the Japanese marketplace, therefore all I had to do is add the English in front of the JP text so I have dual language titles for specific games (which is what I wanted). So yes, problem sorted! Thanks Also side note... I used Swizzys asset editor it's a neat tool. I made some missing backgrounds and improved some cover arts with it. One thing that now sucks is that Xbox Unity won't allow me to upload them so others can use. I know there's a thread to post cover arts but idk about the backgrounds.
  2. Hi all, is title possible? I have some Japanese games which I want the title in it's original language but it's English on the DB. My 360 doesn't have Japanese keyboard so I need to rename it with my PC. Also some of my games are missing their synopsis. Is there a way to edit this on the PC too? Thanks in advance
  3. Can someone please add this one? It's missing the cover. Tomoyo it's a wonderful life - Title ID: 505407D5 Update: I decided to make it. Original front cover, custom spine (made it to look like same as original Japanese games) and I couldn't find the back anywhere to had to use the PS3 version's rear cover and add a few JP 360 stickers. Feel free to use if anyone wants this game Just noticed I left the CAVE logo on one of the back stickers that I added from another game... Sorry! I think it's OK personally though. Use Swizzy's asset program to add it to your 360's HDD.
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