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  1. my woes came from trying to update for gta too - this will help answer your qs bro, all step by step: http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=144
  2. jinsta

    DashLaunch 3.09

    ^Black - Guessing its an old one then - i dare not mess around with that mind....i was up til half 3 yd and need me sleep
  3. jinsta

    DashLaunch 3.09

    Bit of a newb, but updated dash before a few times no probs. but this went bit pear shaped. think as moved from a much older release initaly loaded up ok, I tried to run update and it said would need to reboot - it shut down but never came back on Kinda just black screen on boot, controller still linked as can power onvia, but nowt going on. turned on via eject button - used zell and xebuild to build new nand. stuck that on a usb, but it wont get recognised by zell, says looking for zenon.elf or unlinix? Any ideas on what i need to do - its a slim with coolrunner btw EDIT: downloaded the zenon.elf file and added to my usb with nand - gets rec'd now and after completed instal...boots again via power button (phew)
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