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  1. All right, this is so helpful. local function refreshFiles(path) local files = FileSystem.GetFiles(path .. '\\') for _, file in pairs(files) do print("refresh file " .. _ .. " " .. file.Name) end for _, dir in pairs(FileSystem.GetDirectories(path .. '\\')) do refreshFiles(path .. '\\' .. dir) end end function main() for _, drive in pairs(FileSystem.GetDrives()) do refreshFiles(drive.MountPoint) end end Why does this code print nothing? What are you supposed to pass to FileSystem.GetFiles and FileSystem.GetDirectories, because they always return nil. Edit: what the fuck, lol. Sorry for the mess with the code, this forum sucks
  2. Hi there, my Xbox is getting old and I'm afraid the data on its 1000 GB harddrive might detoriate. To make sure that doesn't happen, I'm planning to write a Lua script that reads every single file on the disk and writes it back under the same name. I understand this should be possible to do with Aurora's Lua scripting, right? Anyone else ever did this before? Any tips on how to write that script? I know Lua and don't need basic help with that, I'm just not sure about the Xbox filesystem architecture and if there's any pitfalls that I should be aware of. Btw, it's Lua. Not LUA. Not an acronym. Lua people are very sensitive about that, lol.
  3. From the 3 plugins that are available, FTP Server and Nova are disabled. Dashlaunch cannot be disabled.
  4. I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Does have to do with the Dashlaunch options in Aurora? There's an "Xhttp Patching" option under "Network", and it is activated on my Xbox. But I can't disable it, because all options and the Config App launch button are greyed out.
  5. Ever since I've let Aurora install the latest available update (version 0.7b r1622), I can't run GTA V anymore. The Xbox crashes when the very first logo starts to play, a few seconds after I started the game from Aurora. When I run it from the old Freestyle Dash that I still have on the HDD, I can start and play the game just fine. The crash did not occur with the previous Aurora version(s). Anyone else have that problem and know a fix or workaround? I found a post that said to set the xhttp option in launch.ini to False, but it didn't help.
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