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  1. It's always nice to have variety bud. I applied your files and some other people's files as well but I'm not playing Skyrim. I was wondering if anybody does Oblivion mods as well. I'd play the shit out of it with a good UI and proper controller support on the console. Scourged the net yet couldn't find any oblivion mods.
  2. tayyar

    Felida's RetroArch

    Well I'm a stupid **** mate, I was trying to play Rondo of Blood on PCE and getting Fatal Cras hIntercepted error. Turns out I forgot to put the bios files in \system. LOL Thanks a lot for your effort.
  3. tayyar

    Nulldc360 help

    When launched through Aurora I'm getting red screen error. When launched via Xell (eject button 0.993) I could launch Record of Lodoss War only once. I played it some. Afterwards it always shows me black screen. I cleaned my USB, recopied the files over thinking it might have to do with settings but I still get black screen error. Tried CRT tv with scart as well as an HD tv with HDMI. Any help? Does the emu write files to somewhere else I don't know of? Or is it somehow related to NXE dash/console settings I might have changed? (because PSX emu doesn't run in normal mode, it has to run in ws mode). Edit: Solved. Launch aurora, launch the xenon.elf file, make sure the options in the emu state that exit is restart into xell. You exit the emu after first launch and afterwards it loads the games.
  4. tayyar

    Felida's RetroArch

    Do I take these files from their folders and paste them in my older retroarch folder? Because when I tried to launch them one by one, I couldn't.
  5. Any updates on this? What's changed?
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