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  1. No dude, I gave up and sold that console, didn't wanna waste any more time on it
  2. Felida - no, the dvd drive does not open. I don't think its the rf board problem because I didn't touch it, only two things I removed were the dvd drive and fan shroud. Quick update - during holidays I had some more time so I opened the console again, cleaned the chip and solder points with some alcohol and everything works now like before, dvd tray opens and closes, power button is working. I don't know if some wire was pinched or what but it's all good now 🙂
  3. Hello, friends. I have a weird problem with my Xbox 360 Jasper RGH console. It was working fine but last year during ripping burned discs onto hard drive the dvd drive stopped recognizing discs and couldn't read them ever since. Today I wanted to open the drive and clean the lens to see if that would fix it. I disassembled the console and opened the drive, it was full of dust and old grease. I cleaned everything and replaced the dvd drive belt (because the disc tray couldn't open without disc inside) like I did many times before. I also cleaned the exaust fans and fan shroud with cotton buds and alcohol. BUT when I assembled the dvd drive and powered on the console with wired gamepad to see if it will read discs I noticed that eject button wasn't working. Ok, I thought that maybe it got dirty or something so I cleaned it off with some alcohol but still it wouldn't work. Then, when I pressed the power button to turn off the console I realized that the power button is also not working. So, now I am really confused. TLDR version - opened the console to clean the dvd drive, now eject and power buttons are not working, I can power on the console with gamepad, console boots to Freestyle dash normally. Does anybody has any idea why is this happening or how can I fix it?
  4. No, I haven't tried to glitch the console, I got stuck at reading nands and gave up...
  5. So, according to them it is soldering issue? I don't mind soldering but waiting 14 min per read every time is what is annoying. A few days ago I did another 512, works like a charm.
  6. Hello again, friends. Just a quick update regarding my nand problem. So, back in March I burned my finger on soldering iron pretty badly so I had to take a break from modding. After my finger healed I started working on other consoles I had and succesfully RGH'd seven other Jaspers, they all work without problems. This console is still acting up. As suggested here I took multiple nand dumps (four, I think) instead of two, compared them in hex editor (HxD) and none of them are matching so I'm starting to think that something is wrong with the console itself. When I got the console, it had a broken usb port that was shorted and the console wouldn't turn on. I fixed it by straightening the little prongs that were touching the metal. I'm thinking maybe that short has damaged something and that is somehow affecting the nand dumping process. Anyways, I gave up on that console, It's just not worth my time. Thanks for all the help!
  7. Thanks man, I will try that. The funny thing is, I just tried to RGH another Jasper console (with 16mb nand) and everything went without a hitch on the first try. At least I know that the programmer is working fine.
  8. Glitch/Nand Reader Product(s) used: J-R Programmer V2Console Type: JasperNAND size: 512mbDashboard version: e.g 2.0.17526CB version: 6754Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner/Xebuild GUI: attachedJ-Runner/Xebuild Gui log: attachedImage of Glitch Chip: Matrix Glitcher V1 without oscilatorImages of close-up soldering to motherboard: attachedDescription of problem: Hello, friends. As the title says, I decided to try to RGH my Jasper console and I'm stuck on the first step, I just cannot get two matching nands. I watched video tutorials about 10 times, installed the JR Programmer drivers without problems, soldered everything, got Jrunner to read the nand, during reading I get two errors - Error: 250 reading block 7A0 and Error: 210 reading block EFF, errors are the same on both reads but every time it finishes the reading I get "Oh no" sound and message that nands are not the same, when I click ok to show differences this is the message I get: Comparing...Takes a while on big nands 0x0EFF I resoldered and trimmed the wires a couple of times, used multimeter to test for continuity between points on the board and on the JR Programmer, tried to read the nand about 5-6 times and I don't know what to do anymore, what am I missing or doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. LOGr.txt
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