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  1. No, I haven't tried to glitch the console, I got stuck at reading nands and gave up...
  2. So, according to them it is soldering issue? I don't mind soldering but waiting 14 min per read every time is what is annoying. A few days ago I did another 512, works like a charm.
  3. Hello again, friends. Just a quick update regarding my nand problem. So, back in March I burned my finger on soldering iron pretty badly so I had to take a break from modding. After my finger healed I started working on other consoles I had and succesfully RGH'd seven other Jaspers, they all work without problems. This console is still acting up. As suggested here I took multiple nand dumps (four, I think) instead of two, compared them in hex editor (HxD) and none of them are matching so I'm starting to think that something is wrong with the console itself. When I got the console, it had a broken usb port that was shorted and the console wouldn't turn on. I fixed it by straightening the little prongs that were touching the metal. I'm thinking maybe that short has damaged something and that is somehow affecting the nand dumping process. Anyways, I gave up on that console, It's just not worth my time. Thanks for all the help!
  4. Thanks man, I will try that. The funny thing is, I just tried to RGH another Jasper console (with 16mb nand) and everything went without a hitch on the first try. At least I know that the programmer is working fine.
  5. Glitch/Nand Reader Product(s) used: J-R Programmer V2Console Type: JasperNAND size: 512mbDashboard version: e.g 2.0.17526CB version: 6754Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner/Xebuild GUI: attachedJ-Runner/Xebuild Gui log: attachedImage of Glitch Chip: Matrix Glitcher V1 without oscilatorImages of close-up soldering to motherboard: attachedDescription of problem: Hello, friends. As the title says, I decided to try to RGH my Jasper console and I'm stuck on the first step, I just cannot get two matching nands. I watched video tutorials about 10 times, installed the JR Programmer drivers without problems, soldered everything, got Jrunner to read the nand, during reading I get two errors - Error: 250 reading block 7A0 and Error: 210 reading block EFF, errors are the same on both reads but every time it finishes the reading I get "Oh no" sound and message that nands are not the same, when I click ok to show differences this is the message I get: Comparing...Takes a while on big nands 0x0EFF I resoldered and trimmed the wires a couple of times, used multimeter to test for continuity between points on the board and on the JR Programmer, tried to read the nand about 5-6 times and I don't know what to do anymore, what am I missing or doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. LOGr.txt
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