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  1. alexsoto, the link is at the top of this page. But can someone answer my question about the icons please. I understand that this is a forum and everyone contributes whenever and however they can. But I was hoping at least the author can give me some info about his theme. If not still thank you for a gorgeous theme. Thanks.
  2. Here are the images of my xbox. as you can see the choice of icons is limited. Any advise how to remedy that would be awesome. Also even when a custom icon is selected in the quick view it looks too small. is there a script or something that allows a use of custom icons?
  3. sorry for spamming this. I am new to this stuff but I am researching and finding out some good information. So, to edit a skin I would need xbox development SDK and then I would need to extract your theme. then modify whatever I need, package everything and reupload it to the xbox. Is there an easier way to just add some more icons to the quick view?
  4. looks like plugins/hudscene only has icons for the menu but not for the quick view or filters
  5. are you referring to the disc, network, kinect, xbox, emulator, homebrew and link icon? I think that is all that's available. I am curious if there is folder where I can add/modify the icons. If not what program do I use to edit the skin file?
  6. is there a way to add more icons to the quick view. In other words I want to create a separate section for the racing games and I would like to add a custom icon for it.
  7. I figured it out. Hopefully it helps someone. you have to change your content type to "other"
  8. So the script Data is set to none Quickview is set to show all Filter and Sort/genres/Racing & Flying (for example) Nothing happens. I mean the screen is blank. What works: filter and sort/ applications, emultators, kinect - basically everything on the first screen. Name filter works, user filter works.
  9. Hi, is this script working in the latest aurora. I know that the user folder location have changed. Anyhow I tried using all 3 scripts and none of them worked. I wonder if anything have to be adjusted for the current version of aurora.
  10. Hi, guys. I have joined this forum to specifically ask this question about Aurora. The filtering option does not seem to do anything at all. No matter what genre I pick the list(screen) is empty. I would assume if you are in the Quick View (all xbox360 games) and I want to show only the fighting games it would remove all other games and leave the fighting games. However instead it shows nothing. I was even wondering if you have to tag a game as such before using filtering options but there is no option for it so I guess Aurora should be able to read the game's metadata. I am on aurora .7b. Any help will be appreciated.
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