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  1. Thanks for this! Been awhile! Need to redownload some dlc for a game i have
  2. Might be worth joining trueachievements for this. You can makes session to play just for fun!
  3. I've dropped you a message I'll look into the offsets!
  4. Not idea these were still going. Will update! Thank you
  5. Noway! Do you have a normal xbox 360 microphone? Maybe you can use that to do it as it would let you access a game with vocals? If you are in the uk, i would be happy to send you mine if it means it get done!
  6. There is also a program called iso to god that i use to use. If you need it im sure I have it on my old machine somewhere
  7. Hi, Looking for a training for this game. I know its old and not sure if people make trainers anymore (im still holding onto the past) I'm trying to get my last achievements in this game for 100% with each instrument Wondering if someone can create a trainer where you play and at the end it just registers as 100% notes hit? If you need anything from me like title updates or even a copy of the game. I can get it for you
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