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  1. ive downloaded this "PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX Plus All You Can Eat Add-on Pack DLC " ive copied it to hdd1:/content/0000000000000000/ as it says but 2 problems happen 1) i can only run it from file manager it doesnt show in xbox games 2) when i run it it say update needed then goes back to xbox dash
  2. ive put one of those games on where you just copy it to the hdd1:/content/0000000 folder but the only way i can run it is to goto the file browser, how can i get it to show in the games folder?
  3. Thanks got it, its 3.0 rev58 does that mean i cant update it?
  4. Hi I've just had my xbox done with the Reset Glitch, they have install fsd 3 but i dont know what version!! how do i check this (can i check this)? I have download beta's checked by says nothing to download, do i have to set something up here?
  5. dont know what version its fsd 3 but was installed by a shop, is there a way of seeing what version it is?
  6. Thanks Great Skin, but I have a problem, on the settings tab overscan shows ftp and fan shows the overscan setting meaning there isnt any fan settings for me
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