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  1. Alright, i ordered a nand programmer chip on "konzoluzlet.hu" (its a hungarian console shop if you're wonder whats that), and the sad thing is its out of stock, but i ordered one anyway, i can wait. The chip is a Matrix NAND Programmer MTX SPI Flasher V1.0. I looked up, and its compatible with every xbox 360 motherboard, so hope its gonna work with my motherboard.
  2. Oh thanks! I hope its the right image. I'm not really familiar with rgh chip types right now. But if you are not sure about the image, then here's the full rgh wiring: And yes, xell shows the dvd and cpu key fortunately. Also, i tried to dump the nand, but i had no luck. I tried via xell, via ip adress, nothing. Nah, i dont used that. I just used the newest DashLaunch, and Aurora, and also the built in ftp server for game copying, so maybe that could be the cause of the problem, but i'm not really sure. Also, i'm gonna use this tutorial as a help for building a new nand:
  3. A week ago my modded xbox 360 slim's nand got corrupted. And when i turn it on, the power button becomes red, and i get an E79 error. Fortunately Xell reloaded works. The bad thing is i dont have a nand programmer, and whats worse is i dont have my nand for the console, so i need to create one in J-runner. So now i opened up my xbox, to know what kind of rgh chip i have, and to solder a nand programmer chip into the motherboard later. Well, i have this kind of RGH chip in my xbox: And if you ask why i dont opened up my xbox yet is because i just bought this in used condition. And as i said, i dont have a nand programmer chip, so i need to buy one. Its going to be a bit difficult to find one. And by the way, i have an Corona (4gb) motherboard in my xbox. If you have some tips or ideas for the fixing, then just reply.
  4. In my opinion, Blades was the best dashboard on xbox 360. This is of course doesn't mean i hate the other dashboards, but in my opinion it was simple, yet goodly arranged. Aurora's default skin also really good. Well, i can try making one for the Aurora 0.7b, but i dont guarantee its gonna be finished, and also my xbox 360's nand just got corrupted yesterday, so if i'm done repairing my nand, i'm gonna start making the dashboard skin. If you want to know more about fixing my xbox's nand:
  5. I recommend checking this old Aurora skin out: http://spiffy360.com/theme/540/GamesBlade Its for Aurora 0.2, but its a good example how it should look.
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