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  1. Yea, nothing else would make sense. Everything was functional a few days ago on the same Media & Content IDs. An aside, is there an all-in-one answer on where TUs are saved on the HDD? Having a few systems that have TUs that others lack, I could just transfer them over but I it seems they're saved in different places for different games (Content, Cache, Ect.)?
  2. Got 10 RGHs that I use for actual LAN with friends and am also having identical issues on each individual system. Only select games are detecting TUs while most others are not. This was not the case the past weekend, at that time all games were able to retrieve TUs from the Unity Marketplace within Aurora. It has got to be a server issue or a lot of Media ID matched TUs were stripped from the Unity Marketplace (which is not the case when visiting the Unity website). Hoping this gets resolved swiftly!
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