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  1. Selling my JTG Xbox 360 + 250HDD + Kinnect sensor Comes with: JTAG console, Power brick ,Av/HDMI cable ,Xex menu Kinnect sensor, 2 controlers, orig box 4 original disc Games (May Payne, GTA IV & Episodes from LC, Kinnect Advent, Kinnect Disneyland) Many games on HDD: Batman Arkham City, Crysis 3, Diablo 3, Fifa 17/18,GTA V,Lego SW/Lotr,THe Movie, Mafia 2, NFS Rivals, PES17, Rayman legends, Red Read Redemption, Rise of TR, WatchDOgs, WRC4, F1 Race Stars, Forza Horizon 2,FarCry4,F1 100% condition, cash only
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