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  1. Can I play Ape Escape in this emulator?
  2. What other games did you test both on? I can't test Tao Feng but I may test ToeJam and Earl III with some other title ID's.
  3. I have things to tell you if you plan to do more of any of my suggestions for getting MechAssault to work: If you modified the XBE by yourself: great job. I supplied the XBE because I thought you may not do it. But you can't always use Halo 1's title ID, especially for games that support widescreen. For widescreen, try to use Halo 2's title ID. But, remember this the most, not all games are compatible. Some games just won't work, plain and simple. I tried modifying Rayman 3's XBE to make it work better, but it was the same as an unmodded copy. I can only play the first level and after the level, the game crashed. If you used my modified XBE: thanks for saving some time with just getting it instead of doing it yourself. Tell me about an incompatible Original Xbox game and I'll check it out before I modify its XBE. BTW, thanks for the feedback and have fun playing MechAssault!
  4. I. The procedure route: 1. Open a hex editor. 2. Open the XBE from the location you placed your copy of MechAssault into. 3. Look for the title ID... for this to be easier, click on "Find", then in the Find window you click on hex, then either: a) use this website to search for the title ID: https://github.com/jeltaqq/Xbox-Original-GameList/blob/master/Xbox Original GameList.tsv or b) here is the title ID) 4D530017 Note that with the title ID you need to spell it two letters backwards then place it on the search tab. Use this: 1700534D. Next, after finding it, it should look like this: Go replace it with Halo 1's tile ID, which: original: 4D530004 edited for use on modifying XBE: 0400534D And the end result should look like (after): Now the game should work on your RGH, but remember this note: your MechAssault save/s will be located in Halo 1's save location. Or II. How about you get the modified XBE instead of trying to modify a non-modified XBE? Here's the download link: XBE for MechAssault (JTAG, RGH).rar
  5. You basically replace a game's title ID in the XBE with another game's title ID in the same XBE. I used Halo 1's title ID to modify the XBE on my copy of MechAssault.
  6. I got MechAssault working on a JTAG/RGH, thanks to an XBE title ID swap.
  7. 1. make sure your console is a JTAG/RGH/R-JTAG 2. get a 2.5" hard drive and an enclosure designed for your 360 3. put the hard drive in the enclosure 4. insert it to your 360 5. let the 360 format it 6. that's it?
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