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  1. No idea why this happens, but to get around it, after booting up to aurora, run *something*. Anything. A game, ms dash, xm360, anything that you can use the home button to exit from back to aurora. Let it run for a bit, then exit back to aurora. You should now be able to run any game with trainer enabled. Do note, that after exiting the game, aurora has a tendency to freeze and a cold boot is needed. As I said, no idea why this happens. My current setup has this problem and the exact same setup from before doesn't. No difference whatsoever in between other than aurora was reinstalled. Regardless of whether there's any dashlaunch plugins loaded or not, problem remains the same. Disabling nova or ftp plugins don't work either.
  2. lols. okayyyy.. can we get it there then? or is this just one of those things that won't get done, like.. ever?
  3. Sorry for rehashing and old thread but, as far as suggestions go, would this be possible? Having network settings sorta what's on the ms dash added on to aurora? it's not a big deal to keep switching between aurora and stock but not having to do so would be a lot easier either for testing like felida there or for peeps with multiple networks (for whatever reason). Didn't find any recent mentions of this, wondering if it ever made it to the suggestions list..
  4. Check the youtube channel by user moddedwarfare. Dude has good working tuts, starting from scratch to updating dash to gettin... err.. well, that thing we don't mention here. Lookup his updated jtag / rgh playlist and you can't go wrong. IIRC, his latest vids have the dash updating to 17526
  5. yeah, i know. it's just coincidental it came up after the wipe, something just broke somewhere. i used aurora trainers on 2 dash versions before with no probs. pretty sure it has something to do with nova since i've always had anything to do with going online disabled. just recently started to mess with Link and stealth to get both my rgh and one to coop play. oh, and it's not a problem for me and definitely not reporting it - per se - just though i'd mention the workaround to help our buddy that did a couple of posts before.
  6. Well, to be honest, I use the start-restart trick out of sheer laziness. I wanted to figure out what went wrong but in the end, if the game runs, meh, fine by me. dunno whether it's plugin related or not really. never had the freeze problem when I was on 17489, aurora 0.5b and 0.7b. everything just ran as felida said it would. this problem is something new that came up after wiping my rgh clean for a 1tb hd upgrade then upping to 17526 + dl 3.18 + aurora 0.7br2. in between, something broke and the start-restart thing was the only thing i ever really tried. i don't run the habit of unloading nova since it still need Link for some other games. start-restart "feels" easier to do than menus for some reason. lol.
  7. +1 without the avatar it'd look a lot cleaner IMHO. Still, thanks a whole bunch for this skin. Beautifully different.
  8. Try this. Launch game with no trainer first. Wait to get to main title, then exit back to aurora. Now launch the game again with trainer enabled. I'm on 0.7br1 and have the same problem. This 2x launch thing seems to work for whatever reason.
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