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  1. Does the script engine have the ability to hook to the i2c so we could drive a i2c LCD? Sent from my HUAWEI SCL-L02 using Tapatalk
  2. Smarthdd would be the plan here but you need access to the Sata interface to send ATA smart drive control codes directly to the drive to receive their associated attributes back I don't believe the kernel gives you access to this. Worst case scenario in a retail console if your drive died is you would loose your offline profile as you can re download your live profile, games you own there was not really much incentive to get too fancy here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.
  3. Eatons FatExplorer does not offer defrag capabilities (yet), but it lists fragmented files on the file system. you can use this list to delete them and re add them manually that will help with fragmentation. it is sort of why Microsoft games are stored in god format to help limit fragmentation. Eaton has planned to defragment support and read write capabilities of the original xbox's fatx format hdd (xtaf big endian?) in the future but eaton is not the fastest developer at pushing updates :-) and being a one man operation I can understand this.
  4. I'm sure it removes the padding in the nxe as the iso image for minecraft is 7gb but the actual game data is 870mb.
  5. Note: that this problem seems to not happen in auroa 0.6b build so far from my testing.
  6. it is more thinking of iso to god program as it has an option to recteate the iso to remove padding and save space bt from what I gather below the native kernel function does this.
  7. Bugger. does the current disk installer script function ignore the $system update folder and other junk ?
  8. Can this script be modified to install games from extracted folders on the hdd so you can browse from a local directory for input as opposed to defaulting from the dvd drive. I looked at the script and it seems there is no way to modify the input directory as there don't seem to be any input arguments for filesystem.installtitlefromdisk
  9. In unity it has filters to hide missing covers etc... but can we have extra added to see what needs covers and title updates etc... ? If the ability to filter by date the title was added would be handy to check if out title has been added for the manually entered ones from the request tread. It would be nice if we could add manual or missing titles our self and they could stay pending for an admin to add them or remove them? maybe custom titles tied to your user or api key so you could go ahead and add covers etc without an admin but will only be active for that user or if other users could enable user added titles with a setting in unity?
  10. One problem is most pc tools won't get smart data over usb and need a true data connection to work, the dev for fatxplorer (eaton) will implement SMART in the upcoming v3 of his software. I almost lost all my data because of a drive failing and it would be nice if Aurora Alerted us in some way lots of people are not aware of smart and it would be good for us with ageing hdd's, to just keep tabs on them with little effort.
  11. Would it be possible to add a hdd smart table check-up feature in aurora?
  12. I'm just wondering if any one may have a fix for this problem or a sugestion or workaround ?
  13. i know the xbdm plugin causes once upon a monster to not run on my console :-)
  14. This has nothing to do with Aurora as the kernel handles devices attached to the Xbox 360, and I don't think it really has any thing to do with my original post.
  15. Shame the emulator front end never saw the light of day. It would be nice to be able to try and play games not on the official list with alternative profiles in an easy to pick way. Aparantly the dev kit emulator profiles were leaked and were ment fir the devs trusted friends only and he was not happy about it and never released the front end.
  16. Fatxplorer the windows program is what i use i tee up everything in it with one copy option and drag and drop everything on I wish to copy in one hit this will limit fragmentation as it will mostly sequentially copy on files on to the hdd. It is a lot quicker than any thing else and it can display the most fragmented files and you can remove and recopy them on in future as a semi make shift way of defragmenting the drive. Fatxplorer comes with a trial you can test it out it is one of the few software products I thought was worthy of purchasing so I did. It is the deleting and adding data that really causes fragmentation if you don't do that too much in future it would not be a problem expecially with god titles. Storing you games in god format will help to limit fragmentation over time and is a lot quicker to copy large files than heaps of tiny ones.
  17. I seem to have a bug with the loading of content after starting Aurora from a shortcut. If I start the console and boot it up with my default path set in dashlaunch to Aurora all my content is loaded and all is fine and dandy same if I use the hud to exit from a game or use the dashlaunch shortcut button my content is loaded. But if I go into the metro dash and load a shortcut to aurora my content fails to show in auroa. From then on of I use the hud to exit to auroa etc... I get no content in auroa. The only way to get the content back is to go into the hud and browse to the aurora directory from the hud and run it or run it from FSD or xex menu. I have attached the shortcut I use that creates this bug it is repeatable it is not like once in a blue moon bug C0DE9999.rar I store Aurora in Hdd1/Apps/Auroroa directory Of note there is only one copy of Aurora installed on the console and I created the shortcut to point directly to that directory my self so it is not pointing any where else or a second copy of aurora. Any one have any idea on why this is happening and how to fix it as I have created many shortcuts and have had no problems with them except for this Aurora content bug?
  18. can you add these too please ? Game Title: Title ID: Type: Conflict: Desert Storm 53430001 Xbox Classic the pal and the ntsc version of the game differs I believe Men Of Valor 56550019 Xbox Classic Pro Evolution Soccer 5 4b4e0030 Xbox Classic Rugby League 2 48450005 Xbox Classic just added a cover for this segaGT 2002 4947002c Xbox Classic just added a cover for this Title: Keywords: Type: XPG_Chameleon xpg_chameleon.xex trainer/ cheat engine Exult 360 Exult Ultima 7 emulator / interpreter Note: Exult 360 is in the database but I think it needs keywords added as I can not get it to scrape the title on unity is all in caps
  19. Cool thanks Swizzy I will give it a try it will definatly save me a few headaches if i can get it to work. Would it be possible for Aurora to be updated to handle id swapping of internal media better and scan the media if the device id was changed for internal drives to see if it has the same content as the database. The device id for an internal fatx (xtaf) drive should in theory not just change and it could be ignored as a possible solution. I guess it is if you scaned media from an external drive with auroa started from an external usb drive that may cause a problem if you swapped the internal drive. Edit: yip that sorted it out content merged to new drive and no rescanning of content worked a treat thanks :-) I guess a simple script could swap the last connected device id and replace the scan path with it, as a quick solution.
  20. I'm guessing it is as simple as opening the content database in a SQLite browser and altering hdd1 device id in the device page and in the scan path in settings db?
  21. Hi I have replaced my hdd in my console with a larger drive and all my games apear as ghosted and i cant click on them. The obvious thing is to re add the scan directorys and rescan but im hoping to aviod doing this as i have a lot of things i customised with the asset editor. In the scan folders it says the folders are disconected but all the content is where it was before. I purchased fatxplorer and just dumped all the content onto a newly formatted drive as the old drive was developing bad sectors. note that this drive is an internal. Can i edit the database or something to make it all work again eithout a rescan?
  22. Will the GOD installer let you set a path for the dumping of the game to say an external drive or will it default to the content directory ?
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