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  1. Going to reproduce your scenario and will let you know what happens. Thank you
  2. Fair enough ehehe. I believe that nobody has the obligation of knowing everything, but respect is always mandatory... and a minimum of research as well. If I install like you suggested, is exactly when the issue happens. I will make a video and host on youtube. It will simplify everything. Cheers felida, have a great day
  3. Understand if there is a way to install the dashlaunch in a 'separated way' in a cases like this.. But in simple words I am definitely making a rod for my own back --- Ok, so I understand that we do not have debug installer anymore Will keep thinking out of the box to see if I will be able to find something else. Thank you very much for the quick discussing, You seem to be a nice guy. Regards, ZerO.
  4. First of all, thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate it. This is exactly what I do always. As it is a dual boot system with DemoN, I update the retail nand (in this example, the 17526) and use it as a base to generate the RGHed one. So I always use a fresh brand new (up to date) retail nand to build the other one. Doing this it works well... I am just trying to understand it in a more granular details... I know that it is does not make much sense anymore in 2019, but this was on my 'to do' list, and as I have time now, why not? Thank you one more time for your help felida. Yours faithfully, ZerO.
  5. Hi felida, not sure if I got your reply... really sorry. Actually I've been using autogg, j-runner and xbuildGUI with dashlaunch 'built in' option, but now I (after years I know) am trying to dig into it. I generated my 17526 RGHed imaged with xebuild 1.19.1 and want to install DL 3.19 separated. I need to use the installer debug like the photo attached but I am no sure where to get it. Well, thank you very much and really sorry if my question does not make sense anymore nowadays.
  6. Hi guys, Basically the title says everything. Checking the 'readme' file under 'Know bugs', I found exactly what I am experiencing.. My doubt is just about the debug version. - where can I get it? Or how can I 'use' it? I did not get this detail yet Thanks in advance. Best regards, ZerO. PS1. I tried several usb devices as well my internal memory. PS2. I tried without any profiles signed in. PS3. My console is a Trinity with Dualboot (DemoN + CR3 PRO) running 17526 on both nands and I am trying to install dashlaunch 3.19. PS4. No bad bad blocks on both NANDs. PS5. I tried to install it using my custom launch.ini on my HDD root (Seagate 2Tb), tried the default and without any launch.ini on it.
  7. - some situations are causing a black screen when starting installer, it somehow seems to be related to USB devices and/or signed in profiles. If you run into this issue, try the debug version of installer - it's slower because it's logging to disk but apparently works fine. Hi guys, can anyone give more details about this: debug version.... I am having exactly the issue described above. Thank in advance. Best regards, ZerO.
  8. was looking for the samething.... gonna start to look into it...
  9. interesting... thank you very much
  10. the dump is using the original names... not sure what to do then.... annoying isn't it?? tks man
  11. that´s true.... my bad.... the problem was on my internet connection.... as soon as I fixed it, aurora identified the update properly.
  12. Hi there, anyone having issues to copy files through File Manager?? There are 3 files from CSI Hard Evidence that is not copying from USB HDD to the Internal HDD. On PC it works flawless....
  13. Any updater planned? It took me a couple of days to organize everything on 0.6b Fresh install is out of question! Apart from that, AWESOME work! Thanks to all involved!
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