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  1. I was asked once if i could repair this psone with a modchip-as I am a nice guy I said I would take a look. Man over the decades I have seen it all , boiled sweets stuck to dvd spindle like rock and amazing bad repair jobs by others, but this one took the biscuit enjoy.
  2. ok too many nights up and i am thinking like thick mud :) yes i did have screen capture turned off automatically in dash sorry guys really. I forgot to simply click on trainer was all enabled just the initial click to start all perfect. Too many rgh jobs on for friends and also too many original xbox modding . I am at fault my apologize. These are what I usually build .
  3. I have been hunting and yes I am new to Aurora but not to modding scene. I would love a simple explanation on how to disable or even remove the screen capture plug in. I simply want to use the trainers but the start and back combo dont work. That is pretty poor planning on the teams side I think as it is not only being able to play backup but also cheat them. I have been trying to get my head around all this and hunting forums bit thin on the ground. I have latest dash and latest clean instal of aurora but i see no option to delete this screen capture- a not so good function from my point of view.
  4. Hi ya peeps. I been trying to join xboxunity. No matter what i cannot :) It says about the fields in red, but there are no visable fields in red to correct. I tried every combo no joy. Any advice, did mail a mod but havent heard back still .
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