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  1. Huh, strange. Before it had games like "Tales of Vesperia" and "Lost Odyssey" but now it just shows Kanji for the games and i'm not sure if I changed a setting as I'm searching through everything. Or if theres a way to force Unity name updates?
  2. Aurora. I know it used to Auto-Update Names so I didn't have to manually rename for each of them. Another example is the ABGX shows Singularity as "Singularity" but Aurora show it as "X-men Origins Wolverine" for some reason. I don't remember how I ended up getting it to Auto-Rename, unless it was in Freestyle and then Aurora just reflected the change?
  3. It's been awhile and I stopped using my RGH 360. However, I have time for it again, and am backing up games, but some games have the entirely wrong names for them. Is there any way to Auto-Update the title of the games? For example, Tales of Vesperia is a bunch of Japanese characters rather than the actual name of the game? I remember it working months ago, but now it seems to not do it?
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