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  1. If you are interested, and need me to hold a sign for further proff, I will post pictures of that as well.
  2. I have 2 jasper for sale today. The white Big Block works and the Black Dual Nand Is a Little Funky(Fuzzy Screen with HDMi).My price are negotiable to a reasonable point. Payments can be made in google wallet or paypal. The money I receive for these items will be going toward college books! Jasper 512BB $285 -500GB HDD(Drive will be cleared before Shipped) -Transfer Cable -Power Vable -Scuff wired controller - Wireless Adapter Link to Album http://imgur.com/gallery/kQbFB/new Dual Nand Jasper $155 -20GB HDD -RYW AV Cables http://imgur.com/gallery/2ksRq/new
  3. Snes 360 mame 360 and cpx3 apper in homebrew i have stored in root of hdd under Emulators.
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