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  1. Hi all, my box rebooted (aurora crashed?) a few times now on version 0.7b1. Ingame, Loading back to dash and autoscan starts and then if i pres RB straight (after launch) for filters, box reboots sometimes. Not always. Bug?
  2. Hi all, i really like aurora and think this are some nice options - Latest game played quick button - Files size info on screen setting (file manager etc) - HDD total size info - Fan speed control - Profile/avatar editor - Background ftp - Missing dlc/xbla info - Content Manager - WEBui xbla/dlc more overview/control incl info of missing/activated/TUs etc - WEBUI Content Manager/Fanspeed/Overall Options etc - WEBui cover app integration like; Aurora Cover AssetEditor
  3. Thanks for the fixes, and the dutch support Just donated some bling bling, hope you guys enjoy some cold beer PEACE!
  4. Hi all, just wanna say thanks for this great project Just updated to latest version from dashboard and all working really smooth. Just got a new RGH with Aurora only. (Stopped on jtags around 2012, never had an aurora before) And damn i love this one, looks soo nice ans slick also the trainers and TU's are awesome integrated Got only one question for now; Disc-swaps, do i still need plugins? or use dashlaunch for this? my games are named as Gamename/DISC1/content etc
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