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  1. I had the same problem but after installing the update to the next path hdd/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/000B0000/tu32000100_00000000 everything is working fine! Thank you very much!
  2. To tell you the truth until now after so many years Aurora is very stable and i had never any issue. Even the one i mentioned was by my mistake. I don't know how you can clean the database through scripts. Is this on dashlaunch settings?
  3. Hello guys. I had installed a game on a usb and i wanted to use my usb on my computer for another project and so i formated it. After several days i opened my xbox360 and there was the "Minecraft" game not in color cover, only black & ehite. It was the game that was installed on my usb. Unfortunately i can't delete it from aurora's gamelist. Is there a way? It seems that after deleting the usb path from settings now the cover is gone. So everything seems to be ok.
  4. Nah Unfortunately i don't think anyone is working on it.
  5. Deadliest Warrior: Legends is an xbla game. I have a Jasper console with Aurora latest version installed. I can see the game in the main menu of Aurora but when i am pressing A button to start, it is loading to 95% and then quits to game's list. It seems i can't play that game. Any idea anyone?
  7. Yeah true. Maybe a modded Xbox classic is the best solution...
  8. Yeah you can try. Tell us if you do it successfully.
  9. How do you install and use trainers? Can you send a link?
  10. I'll do both. I'll use yours but i want try modify it myself to see how it works. I'll inform you if i find any other game. Also cold fear game is stuck the whole console when i press LT. I don't know if you can fix this but if you can there is hope to remember my first fears when i was young ;-). Thanks man, we will be in touch.
  11. Thank you man, you are a life savior. I'll keepbthis to test it on others games too. Thanks again. I'll test it and let you know.
  12. Ok man, i tried Mechassault on my rgh/jtag console and i get a green and dark blue screen but i can hear the sound. Can you tell me how you change the id?
  13. Unfortunatelly, the same hapens to me too.
  14. Just rename edit on the title id or you edit anything else?
  15. What do you mean by "XBE title ID swap"?
  16. Really strange. Maybe a bad rip? I'll try it on my XBOX360 and tell you if is working fine for me.
  17. Maybe bad images? Have you done the steps of that thread's first page? I'll try tomorrow Max Payne and tell you as i am not home today.
  18. Yes but i don't have a clue how to do this. Maybe someone who knows how to. I hope to see it again oneday....
  19. It was so beautiful skin. It's ok i can live with Aurora's official skin. 🙂
  20. Me too. Probably no one can do it.
  21. No it will not,as long as you don't have your games inside hddx you are good (there's no possibility as this partition is very small in size).
  22. Ok guys i fixed it. The Title ID was wrong. Everything else i described as steps for installing it is right so if anyone want to try that game voila!! To see the right Title id for every game, just run it and when game is running press the big x on your controller to see the small xbox's menu. As you are there check the right down corner. Boom! The title id is there. Cheers!
  23. Hello everyone. I need some help as i am going crazy here. I have done tons of games to play on my jtag console but this one is tough. I have a jasper model full updated on dashlaunch, aurora and official xbox360 system update. Now my problem is that inside dishonored goty game i can't see the dlcs. Here is what i have done: 1. I have extracted disc 1 iso to xex files and copied to my external hdd. 2. I have extracted disc 2, which contains the dlcs, and copied only the 4 dlcs into my internal hdd here's the path: HDD1\CONTENT\0000000000000000\(GAME_TITLE_ID)\00000002\here the 4 dlcs 3. I downloaded via aurora the latest update of the game and enabled it. 4. I can't see the dlcs inside game's main menu. I am possitive 99% i have done it right. Why i can't see dlcs? There's an option in game's main menu where it says "purchase downloadable content". On walkthroughs i've watched on youtube others have just "downloadable content", not purchase like mine. Maybe this is happening because i have the first disc in an external hdd and the dlcs in the internal hdd? Maybe I need to change any options from dashlaunch? Please anyone, i am dying to play that game. Thanks in advance.
  24. Very simple tutorial!!! I'll try it!! Thank you very much. EDIT: Just followed first's page tutorial and is working like a charm!!!
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