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  1. Auto scan is enabled and I tried to manually scan - it doesn't help.
  2. Aurora doesn't see some of the games added to XBox, for ex., Is there any way to add it manually? (manual start of the game thru File Manager works well)
  3. Does XBox 360 support HDMI-CEC (at least to turn on/off TV)? If hardware allows, could it be Aurora feature?
  4. Many thanks for so prompt reply. Link menu is enabled now, but it didn't help. The game requires XBox Live and/or Racenet connections to play. Tried to simulate it via Game settings, but it didn't help.
  5. Anyone tried to play Dirt Showdown via LiNK? Wiki says system link is supported there, but Aurora shows Link menu disabled.
  6. I use built-in OSX client (i.e. Finder). I also tried to use FTP client of FIles application. Suddenly I found that Forklift's FTP client works well.
  7. Not sure if this is Aurora 0.7b related, but... FTP is enabled on XBox. I connect to FTP from my Mac. All files are visible, but I can not copy anything to XBox. OSX just shows 'stop' sign near cursor when I try to drag&drop something. Win+C/V doesn't work too. How should I fix it?
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