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  1. guys, please. what should i do? shoud i reinstal Aurora? how to do it the less painfull way?
  2. After the latest update, aurora seems to not be able to handle favorites anymore. Whta i mean is that i had a special default quick view coverflow - only favorites. This is useful because i lest my console to my son to play while i am at work and i added to favorite all of his favorite games (LEGO ones, TNMT, etc). So one day he calls me to work phone and cries aloud that all of his games are gone. When i came home in the evening i realized that favorites list is empty. Aurora says "no titles found". But the games themselves are still available the ususal way. The white favorite frame around the boxart is gone to. I even can not add any game to favorites now.... So please help me organize the stuff again. I really do not wat my kid to scroll through all of the games to find his LEGOs.... Thanx buds. And BTW - keep up the good work! There is something warm in my heart when i plug in my x360 with Aurora, spinning up at bootscreen.
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