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  1. Hi, i have trouble with the video preview in FBAnext v0.2.97.31. I put wmv files in the video folder, with same name as rom. Then i start FBAnext, but nothing is shown in the background. Any ideas?
  2. Hello dreamboy, thank you for this great emulator. I have so much fun. Can you tell me quick, how i add covers? (wich size and format) thanks in advance
  3. Ok, i didn't want spread wrong informations. I only tested "Akane the Kunoichi" which does not need fakelive.
  4. Here a short summary for all those, wich want to play Indie games on a XBOX 360 RGH in 2018. I have installed Aurora v0.7b, Dashlaunch V3.18.1 and my Kernel Version is 17511. 1. Download IndyGameTitleUpdate 2. Create two folders in the following location: hdd/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/000B0000/tu32000100_00000000 (IndyGameTitleUpdater) hdd/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/00000002/gameID 3. Go to content in left menu in Aurora and add path with the following location: hdd/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2 and save it. 4. Go to Dashlaunch and enable liveblock under Network. Fakelive and autofake are disabled. 5. If your avatar is gray in Original XBOX 360 Dashboard, you have to update the system, without that, Indie games won't launch. Look into settings > System > Console Settings > System Info and write down your kernel version. Download the System update corresponding to your kernel version, in my case 17511. Uncompress it and go into the extracted folder, in my case "$SystemUpdate 17511". You will found this folder "$SystemUpdate". Rename it in "$$ystemUpdate" and copy the folder on your USB drive. Go into the Original XBOX 360 Dashboard and now plug in the USB drive. XBOX 360 will automatically update the system. After that your avatar should be colored. Finally you can play Indie games 😊.
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