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  1. Sorry for the really really late reply. I ended up deleting everything because it would never compile. I don't even remember what all I had installed at this point. I have tried multiple versions of linux, from Debian, to ubuntu, mint, etc etc the list goes on, all resulted in errors on compiling. A new vm with a GUI download would help greatly, I just want a customized xell for my personal console. I plan to have a trial and error going through many diff variations till I get something I like and want to use. I have even attempted GnuWin32, Cygwin, etc terminals for windows. I got better results with GnuWin32 but the error says this Building xell-1f ... process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, rm -f stage2.elf32.gz, ...) failed. make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified. make[1]: *** [stage2.elf32.gz] Error 2 make: *** [xell-1f.build] Error 2 I think I had similar errors in linux via vm and usb bootable linux also. But linux had way more erros but cant recall them. Feel free to message me on Discord: CabooseSayzWTF#4421 as it's a faster way for me to reply and keep convo, i'll try to remember checking here lol. EDIt EDIt EDIT I finally got xell reloaded to compile. I however did have to make adjustments from the source due to a never ending updxell loop looking for updxell on dvd, even though nothing was in dvd tf. I also had to fix a error fs_iso6990 loop.
  2. I'm using a virtual machine and don't understand. the file you provided is locked with a username and password, what you said does not work. That link to reset also does nothing for me. Can you upload a newer version that has the password removed? or at least provide one with a working username and password. - I can shift left click all day long and nothing happens. When I go to enter the password from username and pas, on the pasword side it doesnt let em type anything until I press enter again, and doing that causes a invalid login message. EDIT: Nevermind I figured it out, the username is Xell, I however changed the pass to 1 lmao. Anyways that VM doesnt do anything for me considering theres no GUI, just shows as a terminal (Not linux savvy) so maybe that's the way that version is supposed to be, I also have no idea how to replace the files in that version of linux to use my custom xell reloaded.. Even if I figured that out, I would have no idea how to even get the files off it.. I have tried using Unbunta and Linux Mint and neither can build the libxenon toolchain, both repeat as a Permission Denied error message... I was using Live CD's if that matters..
  3. Okay, I have no knowledge with linux, within 10mins into linux I gave up entirely! So I have been messing around with the Xell Reloaded source supplied on github and found that you could change the theme of xell like the ASCII art and the back ground color and text colors. I just need somebody to compile the custom xell I have currently created. I mean I tried following the tut on how to compile xell but nothing ever came of it, error after error or terminal would launch and auto close, so I just gave up... If somebody would love to help me message me here or on Discord [CabooseSayzWTF#4421] @Swizzy any help would be great! I did mange to modify the XellCompiler VM, however it seems to be just terminal based, I have no idea how to throw a custom xell in the vm to use over the original xell.. I also have no idea how to even extract it if it builds, but me building xell anyways throws errors even with your supplied vm version.
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