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  1. later new version crashs and xbox does not open (and if xbox open but this time, game does not open ,i downgrade version 06b, then update online again. and later online update i try to open game again and it crashs again. i upload log files here. (note: i try open gta 5 + title update 26 + trainer retrobyte version 1.9 (it works properly on aurora 6b but i downgrade later update and it does not work.) (sorry for my english.) Logs.rar
  2. Thanks for your share. But gta 5 trainer is old (1.1 version). for your information. i check others later, if i see old version then inform you.
  3. Thank you for update. But after new version installation my xbox 360 usually crashs. My current version Aurora 06b then i update online 07b and after this 07b update my xbox 360 crashs mostly (it does not open). For example if i press button aurora home on options menu (for restart on game). Aurora does not open and xbox mostly crashs. For example; I try open gta v (with trainer), game does not open in 7 out of 10 tests. gta 5 opens only three times properly with trainer. and if i use aurora home on options menu during game for restart, xbox 360 crashs mostly. I will be glad if you help me. (sorry for my english)
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