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  1. Hey all, having an issue with my cover downloading. I am not able to input my login info at all. I go to Content > Cover Downloading, then I go to the login id and password field, press A to have the keyboard show up but it doesnt at all! no response when trying to even iput the information. can anyone help with this? I'm at my wits ends and its starting to get fustrating, i searched google and cant find an answer at all. I have a RGH xbox 360 on F3...
  2. i am having this same issue. are you at least able to put in your login id and password in cover downloading? i cant at all.
  3. I cant seem to enter in my login at all, i press A to select the login field to open the keyboard up but nothing happens at all... im on F3 and i cant seem to find an answer.... anyone experiencing this?? EDIT: I'm trying to enter in my info in the "Cover Downloading" settings, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I seem to have an issue with even trying to enter in my login info in cover downloading. its not letting me at all. i select the login username and press A to open the keyboard and nothing happens at all. anyone experiencing this as well??
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