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  1. Nice one, that was it! Confusing that it's not how it behaves by default (as in, no games in HDD, don't display them), but many thanks for the help! Looking better now
  2. My Xbox 360 HDD got corrupt so I recovered the main files and put a new one there with just a few games. The problem I'm having is that Aurora keeps now displaying all the old games still, is there a way for Aurora to remove all those games which are displayed but not in the hard drive anymore? I read a few comments about pressing Y and selecting delete in each individual title. But let's say you want to delete 100 entries, is there not a more efficient way to do so? Thank you. PS: I've pressed 'title updates - clear all', 'scan now' under content, restarted Aurora... but nothing changed.
  3. I've followed these steps so far: Install RetroCompat_11-2007/default.xex , as my console was asking me to upgrade if I wanted Xbox1 compatibility Run hdd_compat_partition_fixer_v1/default.xex, to create the HDDX partition (I've launched this file from either HDD1 or USB) Copy compatibility folder from USB or HDD1 to root of HDDX. I've tried different files I found online, from 2007, 2011, and a few others. Try to launch Xbox1 games, either original DVDs (from standard Dash, XexMenu or FreeDashboard) or from the default.xbe(from FreeDashboard or XesMenu) In all cases, and with all combinations I've tried, I just get a black screen and the game doesn't load. If I press the Xbox Home button, I just get a white pop-out window on top of the black screen and the console hangs. I need to switch it off to recover it.Any clue what the issue could be? The steps I've read in the tutorial seem quite simple, but I've been trying for a few days now and this doesn't seem to progress from my end...
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