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  1. hi all am a little bit lost here i see my folder on aurora but it doesn't download the games cover and the rest of the stuff, anyone have some idea? thanks
  2. ok thanks for the info really appreciate
  3. ok thanks swizzy i will check that so i did check and u were right so it s all green but when i press the x button system link still gray any idea.....
  4. thaks for reply i did post over there but like i said it bean over a month now and nobody reply back so thats why i am taking my chance over here with u guys..... and on other mather with aurora 0.5b my system link limit patch enable is red cross any idea why ? all the reste is green....
  5. hi all am having an error with rgloader v510 with dash 17150 he wont create an image he stop hafl way trow and same thing happen with the command line??? i have a corona v2 dash 17150 rgh2 if any one can help me with that thanks ok so i dump my nand with 2 different program and the nand are good,still the same error with rgloader v510.....so is there some one with more knowledge than me who can hepl me build a rgloader dev nand with my corona 4g on 17150 dash..and i try to get some help on there site but there's no buddy there i don't know for how long so......... thanks
  6. i have try both of them and it doesent work
  7. hi all aurora is realy nice i love the look of it great collor is there a way to make a sortcut in nxe i try with 2 apps and it gave me a error thanks
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